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Young Europeans in Action: Helping you, helping me out!

The aim of the project is to improve and complement each partner's experience concerning coexistence at schools. The students will become active leading characters in our schools. They will be given responsibilities in the coordination and organization of activities that will take place at school breaks as a way to improve peaceful and collaborative attitudes among them. They will also mediate in conflicts and we intend them to offer training in mediation to others, in their own school or in the host schools in the visits. They will work out strategies to solve problems and foster a better coexistence organizing activities which will bring about a fall in number of conflicts. The students will carry out different activities in the visits which will be organized by them, present results and products, evaluate the impact of the project, participate in different workshops and discussion boards about mediation and conflicts at school, share solutions and put others' experiences into practice. Moreover, we would like to underline the value of a united Europe with its differences and similarities which will help us be more tolerant towards other cultures and ways of thinking.